Our Services

Service is a measure of success. And the success of Ray Liu Associates, Corp. is a standing example of our commitment to service excellence. Quality, integrity and safety are deeply interwoven into all of the services we provide. For years we have focused on delivering unparalleled services to our customers. After all, their satisfaction is the driving force of our returning business.

The scope of our services is extensive.Ray Liu Associates, Corp. offers a wide range of services at competitive prices, without sacrificing quality. Our team is adept at evaluating and delivering the proper services for each individual project.  Whether it be preconstruction or the build phase, Ray Liu Associates, Corp. has the tools and the workforce to meet the demands of each and every potential customer.

At Ray Liu Associates, Corp. we are continuously striving to push the boundaries of the quality we provide, the service we offer and the result we deliver.

Our contracting services include:

  • Preconstruction Evaluation
  • Construction Management
  • Structural Design
  • Permit Profession
  • Design-Build Service
  • Professional Report
  • Peer Review



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